Occupational Therapy Schools in West Virginia

Accredited schools in West Virginia are the best places where you could acquire quality education. These places are well-renowned in West Virginia because they are accredited by the state. Whether you want to become a graduate or are interested in a PhD program, these institutes might be the best choice.

To pursue a career in occupational therapy, first you need to know what this field is about. Basically, these therapists are health practitioners. Their foremost objective is to come up with healthy procedures and plans to recover patients from their illnesses. These professionals know about how to treat people having disabilities, which could be physical or mental. To understand and interpret divergent cases, they carefully observe and examine people who could be of any age from new born to adolescent. Not just this, they even assist practitioners working in healthcare settings. Other places to work could be community and children’s centers of health, prisons, wards, hospitals, clinics and educational institutes.

The second step for you is to track down accredited schools in West Virginia and get registered to attain a degree in occupational therapy. Master’s degree is earned by most of students as it might facilitate more during professional life. You should also know that it is essential to obtain a license to work legally. A national licensure examination has to be passed to in order to have the legal permission from the state to run your own business if you plan to set up your clinic.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted from a survey that the average annual pay of these therapists is very promising. In West Virginia, occupational therapists earned $82,370 per year, in 2011. On the other hand, these practitioners held about 580 jobs in 2011. The biggest employer for them in this state is Charleston Area Medical Center having 4,200 employees (acinet.org).

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