Occupational Therapy Schools in Virginia

The U.S state of Virginia has great opportunities for occupational therapists. These practitioners are a part of healthcare team. Their services are not only witnessed in educational settings but also in hospitals. These therapists constantly help doctors and other health practitioners in their work. They are required when health related cases of pediatrics, physical rehabilitation, and disabilities arise in infants, adults or elderly. At that time, they provide physical and therapeutic treatments to patients by even visiting their homes because they have to constantly monitor their health conditions. Furthermore, all the disabilities that are caused by accidents, ageing or illnesses whether physical or psychological are handled by these professionals.

So if you want enormous opportunities to succeed and prosper in the field, then occupational therapy schools in Virginia could be the best choice to acquire education. The reason is that these occupational therapy schools offer degrees that are essential for career growth. You might be interested in earning a master’s degree in occupational therapy as it has a great value in healthcare industry. As a part of the program you would also grasp knowledge of other fields like dentistry, psychology and counseling. Many courses offered are the same for other fields as well so you might not have a trouble to interact with people of different fields. You might be able to work in community centers, schools, housing accommodations, prisons, mental wards and other areas after completing your formal education.

One of the booming careers in Virginia is of occupational therapists. The largest employer seen here is VCU Health System which employs up to 7001 people. The current number of therapists needed in the state is 110. The projected rate of employment is 27% whereas 3,030 jobs are said to be created till 2018. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics denoted that the average annual pay of occupational therapists was $79,510 in 2011.

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