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Vermont has a very good economy. The state has a lot of health practitioners including physicians, doctors, surgeons, psychologists, therapists and many others that perfectly tackle people’s problems. Occupational therapists have a way to deal with people who are unfit. They look after psychiatric cases, disabilities, mental disorders and many other issues of children, teenagers, adults and older people. For it they have to come up with certain therapies and exercises which they perform after carefully examining and observing the cases. These practitioners also have to let parents or caretakers of patient get aware of certain ways to care for patient. Therefore, for that reason they might first go and take a look at the housing conditions because sometimes they also have to provide equipment for the proper care of patient.

Moreover, occupational therapy schools in Vermont could pave way for you to advance in therapists’ career. These colleges might offer master’s and doctoral degrees in occupational therapy. You might then enroll yourself in one of these occupational therapy schools and attain a master’s degree as it is highly seek by many employers. You may also be given knowledge of some other subjects like counseling, sociology and psychiatrics. Along with the degree program, you should not forget to place your attention on getting approved by the state which is possible through certain examination.

The employment level for occupational therapists is good in Vermont. The largest employer in the state for these therapists is Rutland Regional Medical Center which has nearly 1,325 people. There are currently 10 job openings for them and around 300 projections are said to happen till 2018 ( The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that these therapists held about 210 jobs in 2011. On the other hand, the average annual salary for them was $67,560 per year in the year 2011.

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