Occupational Therapy Schools in Utah

The state of Utah has well developed service sector which contributes in the progress of the state. Occupational therapy is a field of healthcare which has numerous chances of growth.  Individuals who work in this field look after psychological as well as physical conditions of people. Other than that, people who are disabled are also dealt by them. They are trained to work with patients from different backgrounds in areas of pediatrics, rehabilitation therapy, disability, care and mental health. Occupational therapists are typically found working in areas like schools, prisons, hospitals, industrial organizations, charitable organizations and client homes.

These practitioners need professional degrees as well as a state licensure to practice professionally. The regional bodies approve practitioners with these licenses so it is recommended to obtain it through examination. From occupational therapy schools in Utah you could acquire degrees and training to serve as a member of healthcare team. This supervised training enables you to understand basic concepts of medicine, dentistry, counseling and psychology that are considered to be important to serve during professional life. You must find a proper master’s degree to earn from one of these schools as at the end of your program, when you would find work in different settings; employers might give you preference. This degree takes around two years to complete and has courses including biotechnology, biology and anatomy.

The largest employer of occupational therapist is University of Utah Health Care in Utah which has almost 4,500 employees. Many therapists are now required  as new health care centers are offering more services  and awareness in people to lead a healthy life is increasing.  The number of jobs currently available for occupational practitioners in this state is 20 (acinet.org) In the year 2011, nearly 430 people were employed, as projected by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary that these practitioners received in 2011 was $74,090 per year.

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