Occupational Therapy Schools in Texas

Being the second most populous state of the 50 states of United States, Texas not only has a big population but a great economy as well. There are big industries, educational institutions, parks, dining areas, and hotels. Like all other states, Texas has also maintained its healthcare sector to constantly provide people the best health services. As more prolonged illnesses are emerging, people are more interested to have their career in one of the medical fields.

Occupational therapist is a practitioner who practices therapeutic procedures on people with disabilities. They suggest them various exercises, recommend adaptive equipment, make diet schedules and educate parents. In hospital settings, they provide assistance to health practitioners. On the other hand, in educational settings, they look after issues of children by examining them properly.

Occupational therapy schools in Texas are popular to become a part of medical field.  You could progress with time and will also learn a lot during the process. There are many health issues you might be studying; thus you probably would not have very much time to focus on anything else. These schools offer bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree along with training. These degrees focus not only on therapies but information regarding counseling, psychology, dentistry and even sociology. For pursing a good career in this state, it would be wise to complete a master’s degree in occupational therapy.

To understand the work of these therapists it would be worthwhile to know how much they earn and what was the job ratio in the past few years. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, these practitioners had nearly 7,350 jobs in 2011. Their average salary was $84780 per year in 2011. The employment is said to progress by 35% in the coming years. Wilford Hall Medical Center is the largest employer of these therapists with 8000 employees (acinet.org).

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