Occupational Therapy Colleges in South Dakota

South Dakota is known to be the 5th densely populated state of the United States and requires its population to remain healthy. As there is not a large population that resides in the state, therefore, it is essential for them to stay healthy as to backup the major health care, finance and retail industries of the state. You could also make a gigantic change if you intend to treat people through knowledge and expertise. Health care has numerous fields to choose one out of them. Occupational therapy is one of those famous areas where you would be able to treat individuals of all age groups. Mental, development and physical, all kinds of issues are treated by occupational therapists.

It would an exciting as well as knowledgeable journey as you might be meeting with a lot of people. To begin this process, prepare a list of occupational therapy schools in South Dakota that you consider the best. Out of these schools or other colleges you need to choose a degree which is according to your requirements and suits your educational background. A master’s degree is normally prepared for individuals who want to succeed in this field. You might be one of those students who are more interested in conducting research, therefore, choose a doctoral degree which might help you encounter best employment opportunities available in the state.

Upon gaining a licensure you might begin to work privately in your clinic or join a hospital or rehabilitation centers if you find that opportunity better in terms of pay and career growth. Top private employer of this state is Sioux Valley Hospitals & Hlth, which could be a best place to apply. The employment opportunities available in 2011 in South Dakota for occupational therapists were 300, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their annual income as of 2012 is $76,000. (indeed.com)

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