Pennsylvania: Occupational Therapy Colleges

Despite the economic recession that the whole nation is going through Pennsylvania State still has a strong economical base. It has the sixth largest gross domestic product. If Pennsylvania was a separate nation it would have the 18th largest economy in the world. In terms of agriculture Pennsylvania is the leader in production of mushrooms, the second largest producer of apples and ranks third in the production of poultry as well as Christmas trees. Pennsylvania’s is the 19th biggest agricultural state of United States.

Since the state has recently legalized gambling and has a strong banking sector it has invested its wealth in the future progress of Pennsylvania. For this, a strong and talented work force is required, which could only be possible through making positive changes in the health care sector of the state. People could get enrolled in the occupational therapy schools in Pennsylvania to gain knowledge of this particular field.

Occupational therapy schools educate one to be able to understand what impedes a patient from leading a positive and constructive life due to any physical, psychological and emotional abnormality in terms of their respective environments. Master’s degree in this subject could be gained by students who want to have a good professional career. They usually work in hospital settings to aid different types of patients. They might even be found employed in rehabilitation centers for the treatment of victims of traumatic events, physically impaired and those with substance abuse issues.

In 2011, there were 5,920 working occupational therapists in Pennsylvania. The mean wage earned by them in that year in Pennsylvania was $69,840, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The biggest employer of occupational therapists in the private sector of the state is the UPMC Health System. In the coming six years there is an expected 15% increase in the employment level for occupational therapists (

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