Oregon: Occupational Therapy Schools

Oregon is a state that has made the best use of what nature has provided for its survival and growth. The state of Oregon has an abundance of Pine Trees which allows it to lead in the supply of lumber. The land of the state of Oregon is rich with fertile soil which has supported their historic wineries as there are over 300 wineries in the state. Oregon has taken advantage of its geographic location which is why they have invested in the production of hydroelectricity through water damns.

In order for the state to survive it has to grow which is why they have continuously supporting careers in health care. The state authorities believe that their human force is among the most vital resources they have. To educate the people of the state numerous colleges and schools offer professional training to students in various disciplines. Occupational therapy schools in Oregon are also an example of the schools that have been offering quality training and education to students around the world. Occupational therapy education usually must be completed till master’s level in which one learns how to measure a patient’s ability medically and in terms of the society in which they have to survive. Occupational therapists have to support patients through various forms of therapies to help them lead better lives.

Occupational therapists are normally employed in rehabilitation centers to treat both the physically and mentally impaired patients. They could be employed in hospital settings to aid patient recover quickly. In 2011, there were 950 occupational therapists working in the state and their average income in that year was $72,740 (bls.gov). The Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is the largest private employer of occupational therapists in the state. Another popular health care employer that requires occupational therapist in its team of professionals is the Oregon Health & Science University which has a work force of 12,000. By 2018, there will be a 21% increase in the employment positions in Oregon (acinet.org).

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