Accredited Occupational Therapy Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has invested greatly in the future well-being of its state’s residents. Oklahoma has a solid base to take this step as it has the fifth largest reserves of crude oil and is also the fifth largest supplier of it in the entire nation. The state has strong agricultural base as its output includes wheat, cotton and cattle. Oklahoma is also invested in aerospace technologies as 10% of the states wealth is derived from this industrial sector. Oklahoma has kept the future in mind which is why it has been producing wind energy conductors and capacitors.

With this foresight Oklahoma state regulators have been strengthening the education and health care sectors. This is the primary reason why one could witness a rise in the technical and vocational schools in the state. In order to improve the skills of future contributors of the state many educational institutes as occupational therapy schools in Oklahoma should be searched to study. One must earn a master’s degree in this field of health care. This study provides an understanding of anatomy, physiology and psychology of a person. It is because occupational therapists have to aid individuals suffering from any type of injury or physical pain which has hindered their life activities.

Occupational therapists are normally employed in hospital settings, old age care homes and many sports teams to aid in the recovery of patients that are unable to perform daily routine work. Oklahoma had 1,060 employed occupational therapists in 2011, as recorded by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics while their mean annual income was $64,130 in 2011. The leading private employer in the state that hires occupational therapists is Integris Baptist Medical Center which has medical team of 10,000 making it the second largest employer over all. On the national level there is an expected 34% increase in the employment opportunities for occupational therapists in the next 8 years (

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