Occupational Therapy Schools in Ohio

Ohio is considered to be the third industrially developed state in the nation after New York and California. Ohio has plentiful resources such as water, minerals and coal. Ohio is considered to be the second best state in the entire country for business. Its economy is the seventh largest among all the states. Ohio has been trying to increase the efficiency in almost every industry to have a secure future. The process has also been supported by the promotion of many schools and colleges as five out of the nation’s top 100 colleges are in Ohio.

With such investments being made for the welfare of the state, the betterment of its constituents is guaranteed. For such reasons various forms of health care trainings are being provided in healthcare school and colleges. Among such educational institutes are occupational therapy schools. It requires one to at least earn a master’s in this field. In this program, one studies how to use assistive technologies and counsel others to overcome their issues in order to lead improved lives. One must apply for a licensure before joining any government or private health care organization. Occupational therapists normally work in all types of hospitals, nursing facilities and other types of health care centers.

In the state of Ohio, there were 4,480 employed occupational therapists in 2011 as surveyed and reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. They were recorded to earn a median  income of $76,860 in 2011. There is an expected increase of 17% in the employment opportunities for occupational therapists in the coming 6 years (acinet.org). The biggest private employers that hires occupational therapists is the Riverside Methodist Hospital. Another major health care employer that includes occupational therapists in their team of professionals  is  the OSU Emergency Svc with 10,000 employees serving as licensed specialists(acinet.org).

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