Occupational Therapy Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina has economically benefited from its geographic location. According to the states Gross Domestic Product it ranks as the ninth wealthiest state in the United States. North Carolina leads in the production of textile and agricultural goods such as, tobacco. It even has a very strong foot hold in the furniture industry. North Carolina is said to be the fourth best nation for businesses in the entire nation.

North Carolina has taken a long term view for the survival of its residents. Giving consideration to the prevailing economic recession they have encouraged a lot of people to earn education that provides them with skills to serve in health care industry. This is among the reasons why occupational therapy schools in North Carolina are growing more in number. Occupational therapy education must be earned at the bachelors or master’s level from accredited health care schools and colleges. A doctoral degree might also be earned as it is known to be the highest qualification one could gain in this field. Normally, one should complete their masters in this specialization in order to develop the ability to guide individuals struggling with life to live to the fullest. It involves various therapies and at times counseling sessions as a lot of patients suffer from psychological issues as well.

In 2011, there were 2,360 practicing occupational therapists in the state of North Carolina. The average mean wage earned by them was $74,130 in 2011 (bls.gov). The largest instate organization that hires occupational therapists is the University Health Systems. The largest health care employer that requires occupational therapist is the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center that has 10,000 employees. By 2018 there is an expected rise in the employment level for occupational therapists by 20% (acinet.org). There are various areas for employment for professional occupational therapists including hospital, nursing care centers, and offices of various physicians.

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