Occupational Therapy Schools in New Jersey

In New Jersey, occupational therapists hold a great significance. These practitioners are employed to look after people who have medical issues like disabilities or injuries. To treat them, these individuals use therapies which provide a continuous treatment to resolve the health related problems and help people regain good health. They recommend various exercises to people as to perform them on regular basis. Apart from this, they provide adaptive equipment to patients for their disabled parts of body. People who are mostly treated by these therapists are elderly followed by the new born. They also work with physicians and doctors in providing assistance to them as to cure patients.

If you are interested to proceed with this career then certain conditions should be taken into account so that you may not have trouble while acquiring education or licensure. Also you should understand that careers are subject to overall economy so the demand might differ at any time in life. Although doctoral level programs are available at occupational therapy schools in New Jersey but you should go for a master’s program as it is better approved by employers. The courses that you might be taught include biomechanics, anatomy, biology and physiology. Furthermore, you would be given knowledge of therapy and counseling, psychology, medicine and dental assisting, and sociology and anthropology. After completing your degree in occupational therapy  you might be working in community centers, clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, children’s medical settings and many more.

Around 3,800 jobs are said to be offered till 2018 as per the occupational survey of the state. The employment is said to have a percentage change of 16% over the next years. Currently there are 110 job openings for these practitioners (acinet.org). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these therapists held about 3,340 jobs in 2011. On the other hand, the average annual salary for well qualified therapists was $84,190 in the same year.

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