Occupational Therapy Schools in New Hampshire

Occupational therapy is considered to be one of the fields that have been strengthening its roots in New Hampshire. The careers offered in the state are ample. Occupational therapists are experts in dealing with patients who are disabled, either by birth or have developed a disability with the passage of time. They make use of certain therapeutic methods to treat people. Then they carefully observe and examine their cases to check the level of illness. After this, they might take a look at patient’s home to check if the place is well suited to the medical condition or they might educate patient’s family to make them completely aware of caring for their loved one. People of all ages are treated by these practitioners including infants and elderly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a fair advancement in the jobs of occupational therapists as many health centers are constantly hiring these practitioners. Occupational therapists had nearly 800 jobs available in 2011. Since then this rate has been increased, though in 2011 generally it was 33%. Their average salary reported by the bureau was $63,600 per year, in 2011. This might vary by additional training, place or work expertise.

By reading all the information regarding this career if you have decided to become a part of healthcare team then you need to have a proper degree from any occupational therapy schools in New Hampshire. You could either opt for a master’s degree or for a doctoral degree program in occupational therapy. A lot of students have been reported to have acquired master’s degree focusing in courses like anatomy, physiology and biology. Upon completion of your degree, you will have to look for licensure requirement. A license is obtained by passing a national examination. The places that you might decide to join are medical centers, educational institutes or community centers.

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