Occupational Therapy Schools in Nebraska

To pursue the challenging field of occupational therapy, you must have a formal college degree. Degrees could be completed by getting admission in occupational therapy schools in Nebraska whereas for licensure you need to pass a national examination. Master’s degree is generally recommended by the employers. This is of two years and has courses including therapeutic skills, anatomy, biomechanics and behavioral studies. Post-professional curriculum is also offered at some medical schools to students who have earned bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy. In addition to this, these schools might give you training so that you could attain employment in various settings. The places that you might choose to work are surgical hospitals, medical centers, clinics, community centers, universities and other educational settings.

Nebraska is one of the thriving states of United States. Not only sectors of manufacturing, retail and agriculture has maintained a good position in recent years but medical field has also played its part perfectly. One of the booming careers is of occupational therapist who is a renowned practitioner of disabled people. This professional recommends exercises, procedures, medications and even equipment to help those who are ill or injured in some way. Infants and elderly mostly get treated by them whereas they might also assist doctors in healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, they educate patients’ family members as how to care and look after the affected person. In educational settings, these specialists work to cure disabled children by carefully observing their abilities of work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated from a survey that occupational therapists on average earned $69,960 per year, in 2011. The employment level might increase as well. The current ratio of employment for these therapists is 33%. On the other hand, these practitioners held about 770 jobs in 2011.

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