Occupational Therapy Schools in Missouri

If you have always felt inclined towards helping people who are unable to perform daily tasks due to any injury then you could make best use of this quality to treat people. You might become an occupational therapist by acquiring a college degree and a licensure. The basic purpose of these therapists is to assist people who have not been ready to face every day challenges and are left behind in professional life. As an occupational therapist you could promote and maintain the health and wellness of people through your innate ability of compassion. Children or adults who suffer from any physical disability since birth or due to any illness or accident could take services from these experts.

Being a resident of Missouri you could play your part in making difference in the economy of the state. As an occupational therapist you might ensure welfare to people who are part of the leading industries of the state such as, aerospace, electrical equipment and food processing. Health care is one of those industries without which no other industry could flourish in any state. You might feel proud to lead a life that entirely focuses on helping others. By keeping such a thought in mind you must apply for one of the best occupational therapy schools. These schools and many other colleges have managed to introduce various higher level degree programs for interested students. Therefore, look for either a master’s or doctoral degree which might ensure jobs along with good pay in almost every sector.

Once you have completed your degree, get in touch with top employers of the state like BJC Healthcare and Lester E Cox Medical Ctr to check job opportunities. Other sectors in which you might work are rehabilitation therapy centers, private firms, government hospitals and schools. As stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the jobs offered to these therapists in 2011 were 2,550. A median yearly salary earned by occupational therapists in Missouri as of 2012 is $93,000 (indeed.com).

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