Occupational Therapy Schools in Louisiana

To become a part of health care team in Louisiana, you would have to fulfill complete requirements of education and licensure as well as other information that would be useful to you. Louisiana is a thriving state; its health care sector has emerged tremendously over the years.

If you have decided to get registered in an occupational therapy school, look for master’s degree in occupational therapy as it will help you in acquiring doctoral degrees in this discipline later now. No matter what you select, employers would hire you on the basis of educational level and licensure. You should not worry because by being a part of a higher degree program, you would also be given proper training under supervised professionals. After completing your degre you might find to work are nursing care capacities, home medical care services, offices of health professionals, basic and secondary schools, district care facilities for older people, and general medical and surgical hospitals.

You could opt for numerous careers in this state but if you choose field of occupational therapists, then you must know that these professionals treat patients who are not fit and are disabled in some way. All these issues of health are treated by these practitioners. They not only look after elderly people but children who are born and have serious issues are treated by these therapists. They might recommend certain exercises which if done properly, might make a person fit. To opt for this field, you should check occupational therapy schools in Louisiana as they are known for their quality education and training.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were nearly 1,320 people employed as occupational therapists in 2011. LSU Health Sciences Center has over 5,200 employees making it among the leading employers. The overall employment rate in 2011 was 33%. As far as the pay is concerned, in 2011 these professional therapists were earning $71,430 annually on average.

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