Accredited Occupational Therapy Schools in Illinois

The state of Illinois is considered to be the powerhouse of the Mid-Western region of the United States. It is known to be the largest producer of soya beans. However, Illinois sources of wealth are not just limited to agriculture. It is the home to one of the largest coal reserves in the nation and has a considerable amount of oil reserves through which it distils 900,000 barrels a day.  Historically, the best example of its progress is the University of Chicago in Illinois where world’s first nuclear reactor was built.

To continue to make such efforts for the development of Illinois, the higher authorities have realized that they must provide cost-effective health facilities to its residents that are the driving force of the state. For such reasons various health care programs are encouraged and occupational therapy schools in Illinois are gaining popularity. With masters in occupational therapy from one of these schools, one learns about how to aid others to improve their lives. No matter what kind of injury it is or how long the time duration is, these therapists with the right therapy might cure the pain. One should search for an accredited medical college to earn a master’s degree program and later pass the examination provided by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.

Around 4,130 occupational therapists were employed in the state of Illinois in 2011 and their mean earning for that year was $74,180 ( The largest health care employer in the state, which is an opportune area for the employment of occupational therapists, is the Johnston R Bowman Health Center that has a work force of 8,000. Other settings might be chosen by students to practice the learned skills, such as, hospitals, occupational therapy centers, private facilities and government health agencies. By 2018, the demand for occupational therapists will increase by 28% (

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