Occupational Therapy Schools in Idaho

Idaho might be among the less popular states of the United States; however, it has proven its ability not only in self sustenance but also in helping the whole nation. Idaho happens to be the largest producer of potatoes and the leading producer of silver. The state has utilized all the water channels in the region for the sake of producing renewable energy. The fertile land of Idaho also produces sugar beets and wheat. The Idaho economy is also supported by the Idaho National Laboratory that studies and produces nuclear based energy.

All the income it gains is spent for the betterment and welfare of the people of Idaho as without their efforts the state would not have succeeded to the level it has. This is why state regulators have concentrated their efforts towards health care sector stability.  This is also one of the main reasons for the encouragement of occupational therapy schools in Idaho.

Occupational therapy is a rewarding profession in which one helps the handicapped to lead more satisfying life. One normally must earn a master’s degree in this specialization from one of the popular accredited colleges. One learns the art of treating patients having various issues and illnesses to be able to function to the best of their ability on a routine basis. One has to pass the required examination to receive licensure for practicing as an occupational therapist.

In 2011, 420 individuals were employed as occupational therapists in Idaho (bls.gov). The annual mean wage earned by occupational therapists in the state was $62,650 in 2011. The largest health care employer St Luke’s Regional Medical Center has 4,533 medical health professionals including occupational therapists to sustain the ratio of health care of Idaho. There is an expected 35% increase in the employment areas for occupational therapists in the state of Idaho in the coming 6 years (acinet.org).

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