Occupational Therapy Schools in Hawaii

The Island state of Hawaii is known more commonly for its beaches, tourism and ocean related sports. Many people from around the world have invested in real estate in the Hawaii. It is among the world’s biggest producers of pine apple. Other than that, the state over the years has also been a major port for the trade of goods as coffee, macadamia and sugar cane. The state happens to have one of the highest taxation rates.

All these taxes are invested into the state for the betterment of the people of Hawaii which eventually strengthens the health care field. This is the main reason for the prominence of occupational therapy schools in Hawaii.

Occupational therapy is a profession for those who find comfort in helping others. It requires one to be able to aid and support individuals unable to work and lead fulfilled lives. Individuals with physical or mental disabilities or those attempting to quit substance or alcoholism issues look for help from these therapists.

Normally, one must at least earn a master’s in this field choosing an accredited medical college and gain licensure to practice professionally. At the master’s level, one learns how to implement clinical decision making and theoretical conceptualization through research. These skills could help students during professional career and more employment opportunities might be offered to them.

The chief health care employer in the state is Altres Medical which has 10,000 employees including occupational therapists (acinet.org). According to BLS, in 2011, there were 350 employed occupational therapists in the state. The mean wage in that same year for occupational therapists was $67,900.In the coming 6 years there is a projected increase of 14% in the number of occupational therapists required in the state of Hawaii.

Among some popular places to work rehabilitation comes at the first spot, whereas, hospitals, private organizations, physicians offices and private facilities are some other places where these therapists might join to bring a positive change in the lives of disabled people.

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