Occupational Therapy Schools in Georgia

Georgia might not be among the most popular states of the United States, however; it has supported many of the nation’s armed forces. Georgia is home to various types of naval and air bases. It has been historically known for its agricultural output such as, pecans, peaches, corn and even tobacco. Georgia has been doing quite well to survive in the prevailing economic recession and has not diverted expenditures away from spending in the health care sector.

Occupational therapy schools in Georgia are, therefore, offering complete education to students who want to be a part of this field. Occupational therapists help, assist and support individuals that are challenged in some manner or far from being able to lead a normal life. This profession teaches one about how to improve lives of others by directing them towards positive and constructive activities.

In the state of Georgia, there are 2,160 employed occupational therapists (bls.gov). However, there is an expected increase in the demand for these therapists by 31% till 2018. The median income earned by occupational therapists in 2011 in the state of Georgia was $69,780.

In order to become a professional occupational therapist one must complete their required education from one of the best medical colleges or schools of the state and eventually pass an examination of licensure. One must complete their undergraduate degree program in healthcare in which they should select subjects as chemistry, statistics, anatomy, physiology and psychology. The more popular qualification in this area is master’s degree in which one learns of assistive technologies, medical as well as social connotations, functional anatomy and social influences and their effects.

After completing master’s program from an accredited college one must gain state approved licensure from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy to begin the professional career in this area. One should have idea of places where they could apply such as hospitals, medical care centers, rehabilitation centers and private facilities.

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