Occupational Therapy Schools in Florida

Among the southern most states of the United States of America Florida is one that has contributed most towards the prosperity of the nation. Not only has the economy of Florida been developed from its vast ocean shore but it has helped support the nation as well. Florida is amongst the largest and most significant agricultural producer in the nation. Florida has been the epicenter for multi-culturism as historically many have and are still migrating from not only other states but from other countries. Florida is also home to many modern traditions and to many missile launch tests at the Kennedy Space Center.

Florida understands that in order to continue the process of growth and prosperity it has to provide health care facilities to the people of Florida. This is why public funding is geared towards reducing a form of social imbalance and therefore, special attention is being paid to the health care sector in the state. To be great contributors in this area one must first gain education from occupational therapy schools in Florida. .

Occupational therapists aid handicapped individuals, be it a physical or mental disability that hinders the capability to function properly. One must complete an undergraduate program from an accredited health care school in which they must chose subjects like psychology, human anatomy and physiology. With a masters level education one manages to specialize in occupational therapy. For a doctoral degree you must have enough stamina to conduct research on your own and then earn a licensure.

The annual mean wage for occupational therapist in the state of Florida was $79,650 in 2011. There are currently 6,540 working occupational therapists in the state (bls.gov). In the coming 6 years employment opportunities for occupational therapists are expected to rise by 26%. The largest health care employer in the state of Florida is Hospital Orlando with 16,000 employees working to increase the health ratio of the state (acinet.org).

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