Delaware: Occupational Therapy Schools

The state of Delaware might be the smallest among all the states of the United States but it does have considerable influences as it is home to over 200,000 companies due to its tax regulation relating to business ventures. Delaware has invested in all sectors of its economy to ensure that it can be a contributor to the progress of U.S. The agricultural output of the state of Delaware consists of soya bean, corn, dairy products as well as poultry.

The proof of the fact that Delaware state regulators have taken on the responsibility to ensure the well being of the state’s residents is that the largest employer the Christiana Hospital alone has 7,000 medical health care specialists. This is the main reason why one could see an increase in the number of occupational therapy schools in Delaware.

There were approximately 280 employed occupational therapists in the state of Delaware as of 2011 ( These therapists aid and assist individuals to lead life to the fullest in the given case that they are in one manner or the other challenged from doing so. One is normally required to earn a master’s degree after which they must gain licensure to practice as an occupational therapist. Furthermore, a doctoral degree is best suited for those who want to earn more and wish to have a higher post at work. Areas where these professionals could apply for a job are clinics, rehabilitation hospitals and centers, private care facilities and private and governments firms where these therapists are required to resolve the health concerning issues of the employees.

The annual mean wage earned by occupational therapists in the state of Delaware was $76,090 in 2011 ( In the next 6 years there is a projected 29% increase in the number of occupational therapists in Delaware ( Delaware has ensured that its residents have every opportunity to improve their lives.

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