Connecticut: Occupational Therapy Schools

Though industrial sector has been extending its branches in Connecticut, service sector is also not behind in any manner. Health care is a service sector in which there are many careers that not only might pay you good but you could also get a good reputation as time passes. One reputed health care field is occupational therapy. It is concerned with performing therapies on patients so that their issues of illnesses, injuries and disabilities are treated. This is done by making them use adaptive instruments of knees and legs.

Furthermore, practitioners working in this area treat infants, teenagers and even elderly people to help them recover from their disabilities. To opt for this flourishing field, you should consider looking for occupational therapy schools in Connecticut because these are affiliated institutes known for quality education.

You would have to choose from bachelors, masters or doctoral degree as per your previous qualification. Mostly, students acquire master’s degree of two years in which courses focus on core concepts of therapies though some colleges also offer doctoral degrees in occupational therapy. You would be supervised by practitioners to train you perfectly to step into the practical world. After education and training, career as an occupational therapist could easily be opted. Most schools in Connecticut are accredited so you might find jobs in one of the famous settings like schools, colleges, universities, health and fitness centers and hospitals.

As population has been increasing, people require therapists to treat their health issues. To lead a good life and succeed in the professional career is the dream of every individual and for that occupational therapists facilitate the disabled population greatly. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapists held about 1,890 jobs, as of 2011. Their employment in general is said to project 33%. The salary these therapists earn on average was $79,970 per year, in 2011.

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