Occupational Therapy Schools in Colorado

Colorado has great opportunities for health care careers. Doctors, physician’s, nurses, therapists and other health care specialists work in numerous settings to provide efficient and effective services. Occupational therapy is considered to be one of the expanding fields in which therapists look after people with disabilities, illnesses and injuries. They also help patients to properly use equipment of knee or leg, creating practical work environment, providing therapies and even using procedures to help patients with drugs and alcohol habits. You must consider this field if you love helping others and want to make it your career.  Look for occupational therapy schools in Colorado as it would be your first step into entering this field.

These occupational therapy schools have been offering accredited bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees programs to students. As per educational surveys of the state, most students acquire two years of master’s degree in occupational therapy. For it, you should complete few months of supervised fieldwork so that you could obtain experience. The courses that are taught may include physiology and biology. Moreover, before seeking for work, you should consider whether the state has licensing requirements or not. Most employers require students to complete their licensing before employment. Therefore, upon completion of your degree you might work in many health settings including fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, private practices, schools, colleges and universities.

Occupational therapists demand is said to increase in Colorado so if you plan to pursue your career in it then consider yourself lucky. The rate at which employment is said to progress in the coming years for these practitioners is 33%, as said by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, employment positions offered in Colorado were 2,120, as of 2011. The average annual pay of an occupational practitioner was $75,560 in 2011.

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