Occupational Therapy Schools in Alaska

Being the largest state of the United States in terms of area, Alaska has vast opportunities for individuals who opt for fields that are expanding with time. Currently, the state specializes in dairy products, vegetables, nursery stock and livestock on the agricultural side whereas at industrial sector this state has good importance for mining and wood products. Health care is one emerging sector in which students have the choice to select from many sub-fields.

Occupational therapists are specialists who work at different places to treat patients having disabilities, injuries or illnesses. Patients might be infants, teenagers or adults who are treated through different therapeutic procedures. They work with physicians, doctors and even individually to help patients get better. To pursue a therapist’s career, you might have to acquire special education from occupational therapy schools.

Theoretical work and training are two essential components of various degree programs offered by these accredited schools and colleges. Different degrees of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral level could be acquired depending upon your previous qualification. It is recommended by the employers of the state to apply for a master’s degree, as advance level training is provided in this program. It is of two years and has core courses focusing on various subjects.

Once you complete the formal education, you could work in schools, medical centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing care and community centers, technical and consulting services and private facilities. The rate at which employment of occupational therapist will increase till 2020 is 33%. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, these therapists held about 170 jobs in 2011 in the state of Alaska. This demand might increase as new centers for therapists are opening and with the growth of population. Their annual mean salary as reported in 2011 was $78,760.

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