Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

Occupational therapy is basically conducted to improve a person’s ability to flawlessly perform daily life tasks at home and workplace. It is considered to be a holistic form of care that facilitates health of body and mind by encouraging individuals to perform meaningful activities during a lifetime. Occupational therapists professionally care and treat individuals to maintain, recover or develop the ability to lead a fulfilled life. Patients can be individuals suffering from developmental, physical or mental health issues. Such professionals attempt to discover the goals their clients wish to achieve and try to organize them to be able to succeed in doing so.


Occupational therapist treats different individuals suffering from various issues. It requires logic based advice on how each individual with their unique issues could improve their lives. In certain situations, they provide clients with knowledge on various instruments and tools that could aid their tasks on a routine basis. They understand each client’s issues and design customized rehabilitation programs to allow them to be able to regain their self confidence. They must have an understanding of human physiology to ensure that their clients are not facing any sort of ergonomic challenges.

Occupational therapists must have the ability to train patients in dealing with issues such as anxiety and stress.  They aid individuals to be able to return to their professional life which they might have left after suffering from an inability. They even need to be able to function as life coaches and communicate conceptual logical advices on dealing with issues. They train clients to be able to control their behavior in various environments.

Degree Programs

In most cases occupational therapists are required to have a minimum qualification of a master’s degree. This has to be earned by post-secondary advance education institute that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. Occupational therapists bring a change into the lives of individuals have issues in leading positive lives. This requires them to have an understanding of human behavior which allows them to be able to intervene in their clients lives to aid them in realizing the factors affecting their lives.

During a college program students learn techniques of treating clients with life issues and understand how to develop a process for their rehabilitation which could be measured at each level. They know how to research and learn about their clients to plan methods of treatment. Through this master’s program, they gain the capability of effective communication with clients in one-to-one clinical settings. They acquire an understating of the neuroscience behind individuals behaviors.

Career Opportunities

Over 35% of occupational therapists are employed in offices of other health practitioners. The next significant number of such professionals is employed in general, medical and even surgical hospitals. They are employed in old age homes as well as nursing care facilities. These therapists are expected to increase by 33% till 2020. (www.bls.gov)

Salary Prospects

The average annual income for occupational therapists recorded in 2011 was $74,970. The top 10% earned $104,350 annually. (bls.gov)

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