Requirements for Nutritionist Certification & License in Oklahoma

Every state has different requirements for entering various professions. The requirements vary in terms of education, experience and certification. Some people consider them to be the highest priority while others think that it is merely a formality.

Today, nearly all professions have high level education as well as certification requirements to work. You will not find any field in which you could just enter by high school studies. If education makes you knowledgeable and informed, certification helps you become registered and approved through the board.

One field in which you might find education as well as strict licensure requirement is of nutritionist. By becoming nutritionist you will understand how the healthcare system works. You will understand about the benefits of different foods and know which is good for health. You will also come up with the methods to prevent various diseases by doing researches and experiments. All this could be done through degrees available in your state.

Nutritional Degree

In Oklahoma, bachelor’s degree could be obtained from many university. These degrees focus on nutritional science where you could get a chance to explore and understand the significance of vitamins and minerals. Not only could you earn these degrees at campus but many online nutrition degrees for this profession are now available. There is nutritionist certification in Oklahoma as well. In this state if you complete your studies and internship you will have to obtain a “Licensure of dietitian”.

Licensure Board of Oklahoma

The board representing dietitians in this state is called Oklahoma Licensed and Provisional Dietitians. The board currently opened a new website for all applicants and announced that Oklahoma Licensed Dietitians Committee is happy for it. The committee could be contacted at 405-962-1400 if you have any questions.

Board Members

The committee has three members which are all licensed dietitians. It has one member from ex official member of the Board and one who has been kept by the Governor. The board members focus on areas of management, education and consultation.

Member’s Duties

You should know that the board and the committee perform licensure work according to the License Dietitian Act. It further ensures that proper examinations are conducted for licensing. The board has an official seal and works by licensing, renewing license and it also reciprocate them. The board also suspends or holds licenses and keeps a proper record of every licensed applicant. For this it has to maintain strict rules and regulations to avoid any fake practices.

Prerequisites for a License

  • The first step for obtaining license is to file an application with the board. It is easily available at the board.
  • Write it by hand or type it and fill it completely.
  • After this, submit the application along with its fee.
  • You should note here that the board picks out specific dates for applications, so be informed.
  • Once the board has accepted your application, it will process it further.
  • You might be called for an examination but first you have to have a baccalaureate degree and an internship done. You could even have a pre-professional experience instead of internship.
  • The board may take maximum of 45 days after receiving application that it has been approved and may take 30 days for date of exam.
  • You will be told whether the evidence provided by you of your studies is authentic or not.
  • The board may also ask you to give them more details as per their requirements.
  • When you will have covered application procedure you will give the exam.
  • The board will notify you in both cases whether passed or not passed the examination.
  • You should note here that if you fail three times in examination then the board will ask you for further evidence of weak courses completed with good grades. You could apply again after this.
  • Once you become licensed, you will have to show your license certificate to the public, wherever you work.
  • You must also keep the board informed about your current workplace address.

Dietetics and Nutritional Courses

  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • International Dimension
  • Salary and employment
  • Analytical & Quantitative Thought
  • Scientific Investigation

Salary and Job Outlook

The mean annual wage that you could earn in Oklahoma was $47,630 and $22.90 per hour, in 2011. You could even get employed in variety of settings because employers hired 790 nutritionists in this state in 2011 (BLS).

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