Nutritionist Certification in Wisconsin

Becoming a nutritionist could be an excellent choice because these practitioners are a vital part of healthcare system. You might find this profession worthwhile as your studies might only focus on how to provide good and healthy food to people. You may also be informed about current diseases and illnesses as well as their prevention. All these reasons might make you a respected individual of the society.

Certification in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the US states where you will find certification for dietitians instead of license. License is practiced in 35 states whereas 7 states operate with certification. Nutritionist certification in Wisconsin is related to dietitians. If you want to pursue nutrition profession then you will have to get yourself certified here. There are specific requirements though some of them are more or less the same in every state. You just have to follow them and you might end up being successful in certifying yourself.

Information Regarding Education

Wisconsin is one of those states which approve applicants with certification and also have mandatory educational requirements for it. If you want to apply for certification then first you will have to complete your degree from an accredited educational institute. It could be any of state’s college or university where minimum bachelor’s degrees are offered. You will have to enroll yourself into a degree in human nutrition, dietetics or foods system management. You might also acquire a master’s or doctoral degree. All of these are accepted in the Wisconsin. Another option is to study a   program which the board of nutritionists thinks is equivalent to a degree.

Information about work experience

After completing your academics perfectly, you could go for work practice. It means that you will have to obtain pre-professional experience. It is to note here that practice should be done under a certified nutritionist as no other experience will be counted by the board. The board further states that at least 900 hours should be completed including 300 hours of clinical dietetics, 120 hours of community nutrition and 120 hours of food work administration.

Information about application

Once, both educational and work  requirements are fulfilled you could  visit the board at Department of Regulation and Licensing, Dietitians Affiliated Credentialing Board, 1400 East Washington Avenue, PO Box 8935 and Madison, WI 53708-8935. You may also contact them at 608/266-2112.

From here you will have to pick up an application form which is to be completed by you. The application form should be submitted with documents, credentials and fee. The board takes around 7-10 days for processing your application.

You should know here that application form is for temporary or permanent certification. You also have a choice to file application form for both certification and you will have to pay fee for both of them.

Information about examination

The Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association will take your certification exam. You must pass this exam as only after this will you become certified. You may also go for exams from affiliated boards from this Commission.

Information about degree and courses

You might be thinking about which degrees to go for in this state. Most of the state universities offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate degree could be obtained in dietetics or nutritional science and graduate programs could be done in human nutrition emphasis. All these programs have major courses of nutrition for health and disease, nutrition today, world hunger and malnutrition, capstone in nutrition and obesity and diabetes. Alternately, you can also opt for an online degree in nutrition.


You might earn around $54,980 annually and $26.43 hourly as it was the mean wage for nutritionists in 2011 (BLS).

Employment Level

You might have a good chance for getting hired in this state as there were 1,200 jobs for nutritionists & dietitians in 2011 (BLS).

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