Nutritionist Certification in West Virginia

Often you look for a dietitian or nutritionist whenever you suffer from any sort of health issue or you decide to gain an ideal weight. For that, you must have preferred a nutritionist who is certified or licensed because it is not at all wise to endanger your life taking advises from someone who is not legally permitted to recommend food charts. You must always keep this significant point in mind even if you wish to move towards the path of becoming a nutritionist. Along with this essential requirement you should also get a hold of other necessary procedures which begin from education and end up with practice or internship.

Good eating habits are not limited to following nutrition philosophies, losing weight or not eating properly, in fact this profession is more than that which you might know once you become a licensed or certified nutritionist. You might be planning diet charts according to the need of the body of a patient on the basis of his/her food intake. But before that read thoroughly and carefully the information necessary to assist you gain nutritionist certification in West Virginia.

Licensure Board

The first and foremost step is to identify the authentic license providing body on completing all the mandatory requirements set by the state. The West Virginia Board of Licensed Dietitian is known as the disciplinary body responsible for the issuance of dietitian licenses to people who are properly qualified. The aim of this board is to secure public from any illegal act which could be performed by unverified nutritionists or dietitians and ensure quality services and nutrition therapy to the people of West Virginia.

According to the West Virginia Code, Article 35, Board of Dieticians, you cannot use the title or sign that indicates you a licensed nutritionist or dietitian if you are not registered by the commission on dietetic registration.

Board Address: 723 Kanawha Boulevard East, Room 105 Union Building, Charleston, WV 253011

Licensure Requirements

Every state has a legal board which works according to the rules compiled by the board members. As a resident of West Virginia you have to follow these rules in order to be a successful nutritionist.

To gain a license you must submit a written oath along with the proof that:

  • You comply with the code of ethics demonstrated by the board.
  • You have successfully completed a major in dietetics, human nutrition, food system management or any other course equivalent.
  • You have earned a graduate or post-graduate degree.
  • You have had a professional experience in dietetic practice of 900 hours and not less than that under the supervision of a licensed dietitian.
  • You must have passed a written examination along with an oral examination which clearly demonstrates your competence in dietetics or nutrition. This examination must be passed according to the time and place decided by the board.
  • You will be given a license to practice as a dietitian if you manage to pass the examination. And if you fail to clear the examination even after three attempts then you have to provide a proof of your qualification.
  • You have to submit the fee along with the application and the board might waive the examination requirements to issue a license for you if you are registered by the commission on dietetic registration. If you are already licensed in some other state and its license requirements are not stringent then you could work as a dietitian in West Virginia as well.
  • You also need to submit dietitian license fee of $50 or any other fee which is set by the legislative body.

License Renewal

You can renew your license every year or you will receive a renewal application from the board every year as a reminder. With the help of fee receipt of an application the board can easily verify the application and issue a renewal certificate for the license for the present year.

If you wish to retire from the position of a dietitian temporarily then you have to submit a notice to the board and your name will be enlisted in the inactive professionals. You cannot practice this profession once your name is included in the list of inactive people.

License Content

The license issued by the board will have a serial number, you full name, expiry date, issuance date, board seal and it will be signed by the board secretary.

License Suspension

You will have to take care of some of the rules and regulation which will allow you to practice as a dietitian in West Virginia. If board finds any act which is against the provisions of the board your license could be denied or revoked immediately.

These are some important points which you have to keep in mind while practicing professionally. Your license can be suspended if:

  • You are found guilty of procuring a license through unfair means.
  • You conduct an unethical act or unprofessional behavior during practice.
  • You use drugs or alcohol habitually which could affect your work.
  • You are mentally ill or incompetent to perform your work.
  • You intentionally or intermittently violate the provisions of the board.

Educational Requirements

You have to go through the long educational process in order to become eligible for a license to practice as a dietitian in any case. Therefore, it is best to find the accredited or reputed online nutrition schools in West Virginia.

West Virginia University offers Family Nutrition Program through which you could study nutrition and physical activity which helps families and adults in improving their health.

On the other hand, Marshall University’s College of Health Professions also offer a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Master of Science in Dietetics after which you have to complete a supervised practice to pass the national registered dietitian examination.

Employment and Salary

In the year 2011, there were 370 nutritionists and dietitians employed in West Virginia. Their annual mean salary was $52,130 in 2011 and the employment level is projected to increase by 20% in the next 8 years (BLS).

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