Nutritionist Certification and License in Washington

If you want to become a nutritionist or dietitian in Washington then you will have to follow mandatory requirements set by the board here. Being a nutritionist of this state you might get a chance to work in many firms and hotels which specifically focus on healthcare. You might get to work along with other health practitioners which might make you more proficient in this field.

You not only have to complete your professional education but will have to get certified as well. Certification is a proof that you could practice professionally. It ensures that you are worthy as well as qualified to be a nutritionist.


It has been stated in the board rules and regulations that you will not be allowed to practice as a nutritionist or dietitian or use the words certified dietitian, certified nutritionist and C.D or C.N unless you have a nutritionist certification in Washington.

Certification Qualifications

  • File an application to the licensing board in Washington in a hand written or typed form.
  • Be at least eighteen years of age before applying for certification.
  • Complete education up to minimum of bachelor’s level from accredited university or college.
  • Courses should focus in dietetics, food management or more.
  • Show proof of obtaining clinical supervised experience or pre-professional experience under a licensed practitioner from this field.
  • Clear the examination of nutritionist certification overseen by the board of Washington.
  • Complete continuing education courses which are set by the secretary.

Fee of Application, Certification and Renewal

This is the general fee structure decided by the board.

  • Application fee is $100
  • Renewal fee is $70
  • Late renewal fee penalty is $50
  • Reissuance of expired certificate fee is $50
  • Fee of duplicate certificate is $30
  • Fee of certification of certificate of nutritionist is $30

You should keep in mind that in Washington, certification renewal is done every year on practitioner’s birth date so whatever day you were born, it will be your renewal date.

Address of the Board

Washington State’s board for licensure could be visited at Washington State Department of Health, Health Professions Quality Assurance, Customer Service Center, PO Box 47865 and Olympia, WA 98504-7865.

Nutrition Degree Programs

You might have a chance to go for both online degree in nutrition or university campus degree in this state. Major degrees offered in colleges and universities of this state are of masters and doctoral level. By entering any of the programs you will become a part of advanced training. It will be in clinical research and science, diet and disease inter-relations, epidemiology and practice of nutrition in public health. Other areas to focus are food safety, clinical nutrition, biochemical nutrition and chronic disease.


  • Neighborhood Nutrition
  • Survey of Advanced Nutrition
  • Food Studies: Harvest to Health
  • Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Nutrition and Chronic Disease
  • Nutritional Sciences Master’s Practicum

Salary and Job Openings

The mean salary in 2011 for nutritionists was $58,160 annually and $27.96 hourly. They held around 950 jobs in 2011 (BLS).

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