Nutritionist Certification in Vermont

If you want to pursue a career in nutrition then you could specialize in food and nutrition management. You might be responsible for conducting nutritional research as well as methods to prevent specific diseases. You might also become a part of active team of practitioners that engages in group talks about diet and nutrition.

Licensure Board and Members

You will only find nutritionist certification in Vermont. It could be more termed as certification of dietitian in this state. You should know that all dietitians who practice in this state are supervised by Advisor which is a model of regulation and was created by the legislature. The secretary of State is responsible for hiring two members of this profession.

Work of the Members

The work of members is to help Director of OPR so that issues could be resolved. Other essential work is to protect the public from illegal practices. They make sure that all applicants are properly licensed and are carrying out professional duties. The board has kept certain rules and standards and makes sure that each applicant meets those standards so sit tight and grasp as much information you could. You should further know that all administrative rules are set by these members and they take help from OPR staff members in listening to complains legal actions and more.

Address and Location

You could look for Dietitian Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee, advisors) at the Office of the Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation, Redstone Office Building, 26 Terrace Street, Montpelier. The place’s mailing address as mentioned in the regulating website is Office of the Secretary of State, 109 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05609-1106. They could be contacted at (802) 828-2373.

Requirements for Licensure

  • Application

The first basic step to complete is submission of an application. This obviously will have to be obtained from Office of the Secretary of the State. Once you have the application with you, fill it completely printed or written. There is a fixed application fee which has to be submitted along. You should also know about application deadlines as you will not be allowed to give examination if the application is not submitted on time. Upon receiving your application, the board will carefully verify your degree and education as well as pre-professional work experience.

  • Academics

You should have a bachelor’s degree or more from accredited universities of the state to register yourself for licensure. Other than this, you are supposed to have 900 hours of supervised experience under a licensed practitioner. For supervision, you should have minimum of 210 hours in nutritional Services, minimum of 120 hours in food Services, minimum of 90 hours in management, minimum of 150 hours in education & Communication, minimum of 30 hours in evaluation and rest 300 hours could be required elsewhere.

  • Exam

When all these requirements are met, the board will issue you a date of examination. You will give Registration Examination for Dietitians and upon qualifying; only then you will become a certified dietitian of the state. The examination is managed by Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Degrees Available

There are undergraduate programs, master’s program and doctoral programs available in all the accredited state universities in Vermont. These programs focus on both applied and basic features of food science and human nutrition. Nutrition programs are available online as well and could be completed with ease.


  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Servsafe Certification Course
  • Basic Concepts of Foods
  • Obesity, Weight Control and Fitness
  • Principles of Food Technology

Salary Prospects

The median salary that you may receive upon completing all nutritionists’ requirements is $53,750 per annum and $25.84 hourly according to the figures of 2011 (BLS).

Job Openings

In 2011, there were around 140 people hired as dietitians and nutritionists in this state (BLS).

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