Nutritionist Certification in Pennsylvania

By being a nutritionist you could work to help people eat healthy food. You might have a proper diet plan and schedule to resolve people’s health issues. It is evident from the state profile that if you want to work as a nutritionist, then a nutritionist certification in Pennsylvania is important. Let us see what the state brings up for people who work without license.

Operating Without a License?

It has been stated in statute of the state’s board that if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the board, violates laws, operate without the license or use the words licensed dietitians and nutritionist, you will be a subject to crime. There is a fine of $1000 dollars for it. If not this, then there is an imprisonment of six months if you have violated the laws for the first time. If this happens the second time then there is a charge of $2000 or a punishment of jail for six months. The board could give a punishment by allotted votes from members which if turned against; you will be penalized with $1000.

It is evident from the statements above that licensure in Pennsylvania is a must. For becoming licensed there are certain requirements)

Prerequisites for Licensure

The state which is responsible for licensing holds these requirements as mandatory. You should have:

  • A four year or greater degree which should be approved and accredited by the Board
  • Courses majoring in nutrition education, food nutrition, dietetics or human nutrition.
  • Completed a pre-professional work experience of no more than 900 hours, if not this then an accredited doctoral degree with major courses in dietetics and human nutrition.

How to become a Licensed Professional

  • Bring a licensure application and complete it by writing all your professional and academic details.
  • Submit a fee of $45 for application, $15 for verification and $25 for certification of licensure.
  • Pass the examination as approved by the board. Here the board could also refer to testing organizations to check you with examination.

Licensing Renewing

To renew your license, you will have to:

  • Complete and submit renewal application form.
  • In it you will have to give the details of your place of work, county and state.
  • Pay the fee of renewal which is $50.
  • Have to show evidence of work of 30 hours of CPE which should be approved by the Board.

Degree and Courses List

You can opt for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in this state. You might be able to find degrees of applied sciences, basic sciences, dietetics and nutrition at undergraduate level. At graduate level you might get hold of a master’s degree or doctoral degree in nutritional sciences. Master’s degree generally requires 30 credits in courses. Know that you could earn nutrition degrees online as well. The duration might be short and you may be able to adjust your studying schedule.  Some courses are:

  • Regulation of Nutrient Metabolism
  • Readings in Nutrition
  • Introductory Principles of Nutrition
  • Nutrient Metabolism

Job Outlook and Salary

The annual salary received by dietitian or nutritionist was $48,870 in 2011 in Pennsylvania. There were not less than 3,260 jobs for these professionals in 2011 (BLS).

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