Nutritionist Certification and License in Ohio

As it has been said, “Eat healthy, live healthy” and people who follow this thought know exactly how important food is for them. It might not be wrong to say that you are actually what you eat. It leads to the fact that you could change your health anytime you want but for that you need assistance of a nutritionist. You must be aware of the bad affects of toxins and stress which might accumulate in your body and cause physical and mental imbalance for that you probably might choose to go to a nutritionist or dietitian who could make you consume a healthy diet. But it would immensely beneficial if you decide to pursue nutrition career.

In order to take such a gigantic step you must gather information on educational, experience and nutritionist licensure requirements. If you are living in Ohio then browse through some of the official websites of the state licensure authorities and read the criteria and regulations defined by them.

A nutritionist certification in Ohio will allow you to come up with detailed food plans for patients and you might be able to supervise food preparation at various educational institutes or healthcare settings.

Ohio Licensure Law

A clear amendment was made in the statute in 1998 and a law was passed which explains the significance of dietetics and nutritionists. The state has strictest licensure laws as compared to other states of the U.S. Therefore, you must be licensed as a nutritionist within the state boundaries to practice this profession.

Licensed Nutritionist

If you manage to become a licensed nutritionist or dietitian then you might be applying the basic and advanced principles of diet and nutrition, food management, biochemistry and social science to ensure and alter health of patients. “L.D” or “Licensed Dietitian” is the credential which will be used by you to work legally. The registration of licensed dietitians is done by the Commission on Dietetic Registration that works under the national agency of American Dietetic Association. Another credential that could be given to you is “R.D” or “Registered Dietitian” which goes along with “L.D”.  You must also keep in mind that these titles can be used only if you are licensed by the Ohio Board of Dietetics. Moreover, if you are working as a dietetic with titles like Nutrition Counselor or Consultant and Nutritionist, then you must have a license.

Licensure Requirements

There are certain state specific licensure requirements which you have to fulfill in any case. In Ohio, a nutritionist or dietitian initial license is available if you meet all the academic, pre-pre-professional and obligatory examination requirements. At present, Commission on Dietetic Registration for Dietitian offers an examination which is lawfully approved by the Ohio Board of Dietetics. You might attain a Limited Permit License if you have completed educational and practice requirements and intend to give another examination available. You must submit the fee set by the board which is $65.00 for Limited Permit License, $125.00 for Initial License or Reactivation, $62.50 for Prorated Initial License (from April 1 till June 30th only), $180.00 for Reinstatement and $95.00 for annual renewal.

Some Essential Points to Remember

The Ohio Board of Dietetics will issue a license or renew it for you only:

  • If you submit an application for licensure following division (A) of section 4759.05.
  • If you have paid the fee.
  • If you are a resident of Ohio and intend to serve the people of the state.
  • If you have a good character.
  • If you have earned a baccalaureate or higher level degree from an accredited school approved by the regional accreditation agency or board recognized by the council on post-secondary accreditation.
  • If you have a pre-professional experience affiliated by the American Dietetic Association or approved by the board.
  • And if the examination approved by the Ohio Board of Dietetics is passed successfully by you.

The Ohio Board of Dietetics might refuse to provide, renew or may revoke license to you:

  • If you violate rules defined by the Board.
  • If you make a forged statement in the application for a license.
  • If you have committed a crime in the state or outside.
  • If you fail to perform the duty of a dietitian for using drugs or alcohol.
  • If you have been reported of misconduct during practice.

Procedure to Apply for a License

In order to apply for a license you must complete the process of criminal background verification. If you are living outside the state then you should contact the Ohio Board of Dietetics to complete the criminal background check requirements. If you are already licensed or work as a certified nutritionist in another state of the U.S then you need to fulfill license verification form. In this form you have to include the information required in the pertinent section to send to the state where you have had a license. You need to submit a well written application for the reactivation and reinstatement. You also have to provide 2”x2” photographs, educational transcripts, verification forms and license application fee to the board.

Ohio Board of Dietetics Address: The Ohio Board of Dietetics, 77 S. High St., 18th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6119

Educational Requirements

You could easily search the campus-based and online nutrition and dietetic programs if you want to excel in this profession. College of Health Science and Professions comes under Ohio University and offers a bachelor’s degree in Applied Nutrition- Dietetics which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. You also have to do an accredited internship at a community agency, university or in any healthcare facility. The coursework of this program includes,

  • Science of Food
  • Biological Sciences
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Quantity of Food Production
  • Genetics and many more

You might also find various online schools where food and nutrition degrees are offered online. This might be the most convenient way to study.

Employment Outlook and Salary

You as a professional dietitian could work in physician offices, educational institutes, and government health programs and in a food industry. There were 2,840 dietitians employed in the state of Ohio and their annual mean wage was $49,570 with an hourly salary of $26.66% in 2011 (BLS).

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