Nutritionist Licensure and Certification in Nevada

If you become a nutritionist then you will have both the knowledge of doing scientific research in food as well as the awareness of the art of living a healthy life. You will also track and treat diseases and promote good health. However, you might need a license to operate in this field. It is a law which enables and ensures that you are a qualified and are a worthy practitioner. License is designed to protect you from illegal practices.

Licensing in Nevada

Nevada is among those states where there is no board for licensing nutritionists and dietitians. The state operates by having title protection for dietitian, LD, and RD, although no board exists here. Because nutritionist certification in Nevada does not exist, there are prohibitions instead, which protect the titles of professions. The codified laws of this state are known as the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS).

If you are a resident of Nevada and want to work as a nutritionist then you should know that these laws or regulations are passed by the Nevada Legislature. They are held under sessions in which compilation of all the laws is done. The statutes of Nevada were updated in 2011 and hold certain rules which you should know.

The Title Statute of Nevada is available in Miscellaneous Provisions in Chapter 439 and Section 537 for dietitian. It states that:

  • If you use the words of registered or licensed dietitian unlawfully, you will be a subject to a crime and be charged with penalty.
  • You must also not use words or letter “Dietitian” “Registered Dietitian” or “Licensed Dietitian” with your name as stated by this law. You must also not use “L.D” or “R.D”.
  • All the words or titles in connection with licensed or registered dietitians must not be used by you.
  • The law further indicates that any such person who operates by this practice will be found guilty of a crime.

Registration to Work

To successfully operate in this state as a dietitian or nutritionist, you must get yourself registered through:

  • The Commission on Dietetic Registration, or
  • Member of National Commission on Health Licensing Agencies, or
  • Successor association of it

Degree and Courses

In Nevada, many universities offers bachelor’s degree in nutrition which is known as the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences. By selecting this degree you might pursue the profession and could work in medical nutrition therapy. You might be required to complete 120 semester credits by the end of your degree. You might also have the option to choose from concentrations in sports nutrition, dietetic management and pre-professional studies.

  • Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Dietetics, Business, and Management Principles
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Community Nutrition
  • Nutrition Assessment Lab

You might also find online degrees in nutrition that are accredited and could be earned conveniently. Nutrition and dietitian programs are initiated online for the ease of student and you could be one of them.

Salary and Employment Level

In 2011, 260 people were hired as nutritionists and dietitians in 2011. They were paid mean income of $70,100 per year or $33.70 per hour in 2011 (BLS).

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