Nutritionist Licensure and Certification in Montana

Nutritionists are professionals that asses an individual’s requirements of dietary consumption. They are aware of different types of nutrients that food contains which could assist in mental and physical development and well being of an individual. A person must have sufficient communication skills and level of compassion to be able to practice as a nutritionist.

Registration as a Nutritionist

In order to gain nutritionist certification in Montana one needs to get registered as a dietitian from the Commission of Dietetic Registration. To receive registration one has to meet certain requirements. An applicant for registration must have an under-graduate qualification. Degree program must be accompanied by a supervised practical experience of at least 1200 hours. Both the education and internship must be gained through a program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. An applicant also has to pass the registration examination for dietitians. This exam tests includes some of the major areas which one must have knowledge of as they are:

  • Food Science and Nutritional Support
  • Nutrition: Screening, Assessing, Diagnostics, Intervention, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Counseling Communication
  • Management of Foodservice Systems


Under the supervision of the Montana state government the Department of Labor and Industry’s Montana Board of Medical Examiners issues licensure for nutritionists. They require a nutritionist to be registered by the CDR. They also require a prospective nutritionist to complete a program in food nutrition, dietetics or public health.

Education in Nutrition

The Montanan State University’s department of Health and Human Development offers a graduate program in exercise and nutrition. This program helps one to study the method by which physical activity allows for energy expenditure. It also teaches the impact of work performance and abilities. The program also analyzes the issues that one deals with while suffering from a disease. It also instructs on the factors related to role of nutrition and human metabolism. This program simultaneously trains one to qualify to become a registered dietitian. Subjects taught in this graduate degree Include:

  • Human Development and Food Nutrition
  • Nutrition Science
  • Adolescent Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition

Students could look for online degrees in dietetics and nutrition if they do not have enough money to travel to a school or university. Online programs of bachelor’s and master’s level could be found easily on the websites of different universities; students only have to search out the best degree program.

Employment for Nutritionists in Montana

In the year 2011, there were 190 employed nutritionists in the state of Montana. They earned an hourly mean wage of $21.86 in 2011 and their annual median income was $45,460 during 2011 (

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