Nutritionist Certification and License in Missouri

Nutritionists are gaining popularity as the trend towards leading a healthy life style is increasing day by day. Dietitians or nutritionists are professional health practitioners that plan appropriate food intake for people to meet their health needs. They are able to understand patient’s health condition both mental as well as physical and prescribe a meal plan that aids one to have a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. 


The state of Missouri requires one to gain registration as a dietitian from the Commission on Dietetic Registration. This organization provides one with a nutrition certification in Missouri which is accepted nationwide. One has to have earned education from a regionally approved accredited college in dietetics or nutrition to be able to qualify for this registration. An educational program in nutrition comprehensively covers the CDR’s requirements of a didactic program in dietetics which must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. An applicant has to complete an internship program under the supervision of a registered dietitian that also has accreditation from ACEND. The major requirement is passing the registration examination for dietitians. This exam is composed of sections that include:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Nutrition Care Processes
  • Counseling and Communication Abilities
  • Food Service Systems Management


The Missouri State Committee of Dietitians offers licensure through the Missouri Division of Professional Registration. They require one to fulfill certain requirements of becoming a registered dietitian. One has to be of at least 21 years of age. One must have a baccalaureate degree in nutrition which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education from an institute. A person must also have passed the CRD examination.

Missouri Division of Professional Registration: 3605 Missouri Boulevard, P.O. Box 1335, Jefferson City, MO  65102-1335

Education as a Dietitian

The department of Nutrition and Exercise of the University of Missouri’s College of Human Environmental Sciences School of Medicine has various program offerings that train to become a registered dietitian. They have undergraduate program of:

  • Nutrition & Fitness

This undergraduate degree aims to train one in a career in health and fitness. This program is designed for individuals that aspire to be health counselors, educators and trainers. Subjects that are taught include:

  • Nutrition Throughout the Life Span
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Elements of Health Education
  • Human Development

Nutritional Sciences

This program studies the role played by nutrients in supporting or aiding human development. This program provides one with the knowledge of various issues related to human function with concern to a diseased state. Subjects studied in this program include:

  • Elements of Physiology
  • Biochemistry of Human Disease
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Nutrition Research


This Coordinated Program in Dietetics is designed to allow one to be eligible for registration through the CDR. This program covers courses such as:

  • Introduction to  Biological Systems
  • Survey of Organic Chemistry
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Issues in Dietetic Practice

Employment for Dietitians

Dietitians and nutritionists in Missouri earned an hourly wage of $22.87 in the year 2011. There were 1,060 employed professionals of this nature in Missouri in 2011. The annual mean wage of dietitians was$47,560 in 2011 (BLS).

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