Nutritionist License and Certification in Michigan

By becoming a nutritionist you might be a professional who knows best about food and nutrition. You might be in a position to help people with the right food, maintain good diet and assess their meal plan.

For fulfilling the responsibility of a nutritionist it is very important to have a grasp of the field properly. You could do this by acquiring professional education and experience which are the two vital elements to become qualified. Normally, if we look at a particular profession, it may seem that only education and experience are a way to success, but in reality this is not true.

Licensing in Michigan

What you should know is that in the US, most of the states do not allow working legally until your title for the job is secure. How is this possible? It is through licensure. Licensure is a way to keep professionals protected. It ensures that if you are into a profession and are licensed then you could provide effective services to people.

For these reasons, being a resident of Michigan you should know where to get yourself licensed. These requirements of nutrition certification in Michigan could help you proceed properly.

Board for Licensing

The Michigan Board of Dietetics and Nutrition is currently in the phase of developing rules and regulations for licensure. The requirements are still being set. The current status for licensure in this state is “Pending” as of November 2012. You should know that the governor of the state has appointed the Dietetics and Nutrition Board. It contains five nutritionists and dietitians as well as two members from public.

Although there are no rules made yet, but the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs along with the board is in the stage of developing and establishing licensure standards. It might take some time for the rules and regulations to be compiled because making them is a long and detailed process. Currently, the website does not have any rules available so you might have to wait for the time they are on the website.

Not to forget, that till the time the rules making procedure is complete, no applications for licensure or issuances of licenses could be possible. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs have also stated that it may take up to 12-18 months to get the work done. Any update will be posted on the website to make you aware.

The board has stated a very important message that if you are interested in receiving an application for licensure, then you could get it before hand. All you have to do is to give your name and address.

Degree and Courses

Both masters and doctoral degrees could be earned from universities in Michigan. You will be given through knowledge of nutritional sciences, applying of nutritional science to various groups and an awareness of contaminant exposure and chemical and biological hazards.

  • Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition
  • Nutritional Interventions
  • Nutritional Epidemiology

Online degrees in nutrition are also in demand which have flexible course schedule and fee requirements, so you could look for them in this state as well.

Salary and Employment

You could be a part of big nutritionists and dietitians team in Michigan. Their employment in 2011 was 1,870. On the other hand, you could earn a mean income of $51,120 per year and $24.28 per hour (BLS).

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