Nutritionist Certification & License in Maryland

If you are living in a highly enriched state of Maryland, then you must be aware of the increased demand of health practitioners. Diseases and illnesses are one of the reasons why health individuals have become more in demand. You could also say that with time awareness to treat the acute health issues that are creating troubles has helped a lot.

For all these reasons, it could be concluded that health is everything. So if you are planning to pursue a healthcare field then you could certainly look towards a profession of nutritionist. By becoming this practitioner, you might work with nutritional issues of people. You might be responsible for developing diet plans for people, evaluating their illnesses and promoting good health everywhere.

Licensure in Maryland

This certainly could be tough as education is not the only requirement you need to fulfill to become this practitioner. There is also nutritionist certification in Maryland which is mandatory. This certification or licensure is essential in almost every state.

In Maryland, there is a licensure of dietitian and nutritionist available. But there are strict requirements to get licensed. You will have to get licensed in accordance with Title 5-301 (a).

Board of Maryland

The board is termed as Maryland State Board of Dietetic Practice. It is responsible for licensing dietitians and nutritionists in this state. It also regulates and carries on all the licensing practices such as verification, promoting licensing practices, investigation of complaints and many more. This board is operated by board members who perform different functions. They are:

  • Melanie A. Brooks, RD, LDN, Board Chair
  • Sharon Bunch, Consumer, Board Secretary
  • Judith Feola Gordon, MBA, RD, LDN
  • Nancy H. Ferrone, MS, RD, LDN
  • Ivis T. Forrester, Ph.D, LDN

Licensure Application

To apply for a license, it will be essential to submit a written or typed application. It must be notarized and should be well written.


You will have to submit a proof of registration which should be acquired from Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association. The board for nutritionist is Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. This is only necessary if you are already a registered dietitian or certified nutrition specialist and want to renew licensure.


When time comes for submitting fee for licensure, you can do it through a personal check or Money Order. The fee for application is $75 and it should be in the name of The Board of Dietetic Practice or Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. Once your application and fee is received, you will be notified to proceed further. After this, you will have to submit licensure fee which is $225.00. You must keep in mind that this fee is not refundable.

Academic Requirements

To become licensed, it is essential to have a master’s or doctoral degree. This is necessary if you are becoming licensed for the first time. The university or college you earn the degree from should be accredited. You should also have a minimum of 24 semester hours in food and nutrition, food systems management or dietetics. You should note that in 3 semesters you should study biochemistry, food science or upper division food service system management.


Once the educational requirements are met, you will be informed by the board to take a Registration Examination for Dietitians.

Salary and Employment

The salary for nutritionists and dietitians in Maryland was $77,400 per year and $37.21 per hour in 2011. As much as 1,230 people were employed as nutritionists in 2011 (BLS).

Degree and Courses

There are both graduate and undergraduate programs available in universities and colleges of Maryland. They are mostly in nutrition and food science. Common courses are:

  • Food Science
  • Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Biology
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