Nutritionist License and Certification in Maine

Maine is a state for healthcare professionals to work legally. This state has experienced an increase in health practitioners employed in different settings. One such great healthcare practitioner is a nutritionist. The work of this practitioner is to plan and offer food services as well as develop programs. The reason behind is to help people in maintaining good health. They also promote safe healthy measures and keep a check of diseases. In many settings, they provide services to manage and maintain quality of food. On the other hand, they conduct research to find new ways in nutrition.

Licensure in Maine

If you are interested in moving ahead in the field of nutrition and dietetics, then you should consider yourself lucky. There are many licensed dietitians and DTR who operate in Maine. But these practitioners have not come in the field just by acquiring degrees. They are termed licensed due to the fact that the state has allowed them to use this word as well as practice in Maine.

This state is among the 35 states where licensure is needed to practice nutrition and dietetics. There are strict requirements which need to be followed if you want to practice nutrition. You must have knowledge of all the requirements and procedures for nutritionist certification in Maine if you want to become a renowned nutritionist.

Licensure Types

Nutritionists are known as dietitians in this state. There are different types of licensures available:

  • Dietitian license
  • Temporary Dietitian license
  • Dietetic Technician
  • Temporary Dietetic Technician

How to Apply

  • An application should be filed along with the fee which is received by the Board Clerk of the Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice.
  • License fee is $150 which should be submitted with the application fee to the Office of Licensing and Registration.
  • The fee for criminal records check is $21.
  • Application fee is $25.
  • The licensure expires annually.
  • Licensure is renewed on 31st December.
  • The fee for renewing licensure is $140.
  • If you are not able to submit renewal application before or on 31st December, then a late fee of $50 will have to be given.
  • If you are not able to renew your license within 90 days of expiry, then you will have to repeat the whole license process and reapply with original application, fee and documents.
  • You should also have 15 hours of continuing education for renewing.


  • You should have a baccalaureate or higher degree which should be from state or federally accredited college or university.
  • The academic requirements should be completed by you as per requirements of American Dietetic Association (ADA). (www.eatright.or)
  • You should focus on food system management, human nutrition or dietetics.
  • You should also complete 900 hours of clinical experience.
  • The experience should be supervised by a registered dietitian.

Applying for Temporary Dietitian License

  • The license fee for temporary dietitian is $100.
  • There is also a Criminal History Records Check fee which is $21.
  • The licensure is expired after a year or on the same date it was issued.
  • All the documents, fee and application should be submitted to the State Board.
  • Temporary Dietitian license is only renewed once by the Board.

Job Outlook and Salary

In Maine, dietitians held 210 jobs. The mean salary for them in 2011 was $57,000 per year and $27.40 per hour (BLS).

Degrees Programs

At the University of Maine, you could find a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. In this degree, focus is given on three sides naming; Food Science, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Management. The courses taught are:

  • Elementary Physiological Chemistry
  • Fund. Public Communication
  • Basic Biology
  • Nutritional and Medical Terminology
  • General Psychology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Human Nutrition and Metabolism

You should also look for online degrees in nutrition offered by accredited colleges.

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