Nutritionist License and Certification in Louisiana

If you feel that you have an interest in helping people. If you think you understand peoples’ needs, where they live and the food they eat, then you should probably enter the field of licensed nutritionist or dietitian.

There is more to tell about these practitioners. Nutritionists are professionals in recommending you the right food. They know about vitamins, minerals, proteins and they know about bacteria and diseases. For all these reasons, people look to take services from them as they help people develop and progress properly. All the diet plans and schedules are made by them. They also evaluate food results and keep a track of proper hygiene. The demand for these practitioners has grown.

In Louisiana, nutritionists are termed as licensed dietitians. People who do not have licensure are not able to practice or allowed to use these titles. So you can see how important licensure or nutritionist certification in Louisiana could be. For this, it is important to know what licensure requirements are there in Louisiana.

Licensure of Nutritionist

Louisiana is one of the 35 states of the US where practitioners need to get licensed instead of certification. It is done by the state board which has set some requirements. The board is termed as Louisiana Board of Examiners in Dietetics and Nutrition (LBEDN). It was made by Louisiana Legislature with the purpose of helping and safeguarding peoples’ health and safety. It also holds the responsibility of protecting consumers from illegal dietetics and nutritionists’ practice (

Licensure Types

There are two types of licensures available in Louisiana.

  • Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Provisional LDN

Qualification for License

  • If you are registered CDR applicant then you must meet academic requirements for licensure.
  • You must possess a post-baccalaureate degree in dietetics, food nutrition, human nutrition or food systems management.
  • If you have are an applicant with a doctoral degree earned before 1988, then it should be in food nutrition, human nutrition and dietetics. The degree should be earned from an accredited regional college or university.
  • Evidence should be given that you have completed 1200 supervised hours in dietetics under a licensed nutritionist or dietitian.
  • You should pass the exam conducted by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Filing Application

  • You should file an application for the licensure of dietitians.
  • It should be written in ink or typed, both are accepted.
  • Applications should be submitted to board’s address.

Licensed Applicants

  • If you have attempted the exam and cleared it, you will be provided with license certificate and a licensure identification card.
  • These licenses are signed by the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary treasurer of the board.
  • The certificate should be showed and displayed by you at the place you are operating.
  • No photocopy should be shown anywhere.
  • No alteration should be done by you in the certificate.

License Renewal

  • All licenses expire annually.
  • The date of expiry of licensure is 30th June.
  • A notice is given to licensee 30 days before the expiry.
  • An application for renewal should be written and submitted with the fee.

Salary and Employment of Nutritionists in Louisiana

The records of these practitioners in recent years are excellent. These specialists were paid mean salary of $51,840 per year and $24.92 per hour. On the other hand, nearly 840 professionals were hired in different settings of the state in 2011 (BLS).

Nutrition Degrees and Courses

There are many nutrition degree programs available in Louisiana. These programs have major courses in advanced nutrition, diet therapy, introduction to food preparation, child nutrition and nutrition internship.

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