Nutritionist Certification & Licensure in Arizona

Nutritionists and dietitians are professionals who help people the food that they should eat. You could also become a nutritionist and make diet plans, recommend exercises and offer help to reduce weight gain muscles. You could be a professional of this field and develop skills to look for things that are not good for others health. You could also specialize in different areas of nutrition.

In Arizona, the mean hourly wage that was paid to nutritionists in 2011 was $24.15. These practitioners held as much as 940 jobs. Similarly, you could also get employed in settings like care centers, fitness facilities, food serving center, hotels, restaurants and many more to earn a good salary.

Licensing in Arizona

In Arizona, if you are looking to become a nutritionist then you may require a proper license. Authorities and board of different states keep minimum criteria of education and experience with which you could operate in the state. By acquiring a nutritionist licensure, you will prove that you are an expert in food and nutrition. It depends on the quality education you have acquired from the accredited nutrition schools. The programs that are offered for these practitioners are of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral level in this state which might open up licensure opportunity for you. Because Arizona has the authority of protecting its citizens, it is a mandatory requirement set by the state to get their practitioners licensed.

Certification Requirements

In Arizona, it is mandatory that you should have at least a baccalaureate or higher degree in community nutrition, nutritional sciences, food and nutrition and human nutrition; that are some of the specialties which you could go for by entering in this field. All these specialties have different degrees available which could be easily obtained through various colleges. You should obtain these degrees from only the accredited schools and colleges. Other than this, you should also have clinical administered experience. It should be approved and authorized by the Commission on Dietetic Accreditation of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Accredited Universities in Arizona

Currently there are two accredited universities which offer bachelor’s degree in this subject, one is University of Arizona and the other is Arizona State University. The courses that could come in handy for you in times of licensure are community nutrition, food science lab, calculus and chemistry. The PhD program consist of courses of nutrition and cell signaling, mineral metabolism and nutrition and cell signaling along with a dissertation which might  help you at the time of gaining licensure. These courses are advanced and include in-depth research.  Before getting a licensure it is also essential for you to enter into Dietetic Internships for becoming a nutritionist and dietitian.

Fees For Registration of Licensure

The fee structure for nutritionists and dietitians in this state is not specifically mentioned but it might cost around $100-350 to you to become licensed. The cost includes application fee, registration, initial license fee, renewing fee and more. Application fee that has to be submitted to the board for initial biennial license could be somewhat to $50 and for renewing biennial license it might be $50.

You could contact Arizona Dietetic Association for forwarding your licensure details.

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