Nursing Education Degree Programs

There cannot be a bigger service than helping humanity. Even God has continuously encouraged the service to humankind in religious scriptures. When we think of service and humanity, the name of Florence Nightingale comes to mind, who left her behind family for the service of humanity during the Crimean War (1820-1910). Today it is all because of her positive approach that the occupation of nursing is ever-growing. Today nursing education degrees can also be achieved online.

The purpose of nurse educators is turn teaching passion as well as clinical expertise into a fruitful enterprise in the nursing education field. Being part of an environment, a person will go through a phase of interaction with the students, making it full of exciting endeavors and changing the lives of many. Nursing career is the most demanding and popular among all the educational sectors.

Educational Requirements

Nurses who want to provide training to others must graduate from a nursing program. It normally takes about 2-3 years of college to attain an associate degree in nursing. It takes about 3-4 years to finish a bachelor’s degree. Nursing education normally includes taking various classes and hands-on training with experienced nurses in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Approximately all of the programs of nursing education offer students to take similar courses such as physiology, nutrition, chemistry, behavioral sciences and anatomy. The students of nursing hold a higher regard as compared to the professionals of a business field. A lot of students with a lesser experience of nursing might never get to directly interact with the patients. It is the task of the educators to make them familiar with every aspect of nursing. You can take admission either in a campus or opt for an online degree so that you continue your education despite of hectic endeavors.

Career Outlook

After attaining bachelors degree in nursing, one is able to get the insight about the field of nursing as well as being a professional with compassion and competence. By being part of nursing education profession, gives you both motivation to work for a noble cause as well as a handsome salary. The purpose of a nursing educator is to conduct and design nursing staff educational programs. Teachers must be familiar with the demonstration and verbalization while entering into the field. According to BLS projected increase in nursing employment for 2010 to 2020 is 26%, which is much higher then other fields. States with highest employment level are: Texas, New York, Ohio and California.


In 2011 average salary for nursing instructor was $67,810 and on higher side it was $103,380 per year (BLS). Even though nurses usually work for a noble cause, but it is also a fact that everyone needs a motive to survive. This is where the role of salary comes into play, for fulfilling the needs of one and all. Nursing education is a diverse career and offers fruitful careers with a handsome salary. With a recognized degree you might be able to reap a handsome package.

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