Naturopathic Medicine Degree Programs

The term naturopathic medicine refers to a variety of medical practices mostly based on the concept that the body has innate healing skills. There are diverse therapies that fall into the category of naturopathic medication. It comprises of ancient western medical care along with various therapies, or it is practiced as an alternate method of treatment.

Degree Programs

In order to become a naturopathic physician, candidates must possess a solid academic background.

Master’s Degree

Naturopathic colleges offer a rigorous curriculum aimed to make you realize your career goals and contribute to the exciting world of this natural healing modality. A master’s degree program is designed to provide a multi-dimensional model of alternative medicine that is implemented with different modalities. Fundamental approaches will be read, analyzed and used by students within clinical settings. They integrate the natural medicine with basics of modern medicine to assure proper health.

Doctoral Degree

For getting access to better job opportunities, candidates may require a doctoral degree. Having field experience in naturopathy may be an added advantage for candidates. The courses in this program comprises of chemistry biology, physiology, and anatomy.

Job Nature

A naturopath believes in healing through holistic and natural ways. It is all about providing healing naturally rather than providing drugs or medications. They are the medical practitioners who know about how to provide healing by harnessing natural power. This field encompasses that a body naturally strives for wellness and stability and with certain amount of assistance becomes healthy. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to both, the care givers and patients working together as a team in a holistic manner.

A naturopath use variety of treatments, including massage therapy and different physical treatments and counseling. Patients and care givers have to figure out ways to work as a team, addressing patient’s body holistically. Like various medical practices, naturopathy has an important role to play in preventative medication and finding out the core reason behind a health issue instead of treating the symptoms alone. They do not provide drugs to patients instead they perform acupuncture, assure herbal treatments and homeopathy.

Drugs and surgery are not used by a naturopath, though a patient who clearly wants these services is referred to a medical doctor by a reputable naturopath. They also plan a healthy exercise program that is meant to strengthen the health and well being of patients. Most naturopaths believe that they are empowering patients, instead of simply treating them.

Career Opportunities

A naturopath must know how to heal patients in a natural way at the same time they must be aware of the employment opportunities offered to these experts. Being a part of professional environment requires tremendous commitment and exceptional skills that pave way for fruitful opportunity. They mostly work in private clinics and alternative medicine hospitals. They might also provide their services to patients at home or alternative medicine health care centers. As predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these physicians might increase by 31 to 35% till 2018.

Salary Outlook

The annual median salary for a natural healing practitioner is $157,227, while the average top 10% figures are from $115,318 to $218,915. (

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