Medical Laboratory Technology Degrees

The use of technology has provided man with an opportunity to get to know about one’s family background. It is perhaps the most accurate way to get to know about the life cycle of any particular person along with the generations of the past. This is mostly done by a medical technologist. Today, the technology has made life easier for all.  You may also opt for an online degree and may become a technologist or technician, at the same time dealing with the other issues besides the completion of your education.

Medical laboratory scientists are required to provide laboratory analysis as well as detectives that are vital for health. For this purpose, sophisticated use of technology and instrumentation is ensured. Laboratory testing comprises of disciplines including molecular biology, immunology, hematology, microbiology, immunohematology, and clinical chemistry. The work of a technologist is such that they have to work for long hours on their feet to look after the patients and to collect the samples.

Educational Requirements

To become a medical lab technologist, the candidate must have a strong understanding of math, biology and chemistry in high school. For this purpose an associate degree program might be helpful for the perusal of one’s career. The curriculum of medical laboratory technology is all about practical experience as well as theoretical implementations about the disciplines of the laboratory. You may also opt for an online degree, so that you might be able to manage easily with the busy schedule of work and at the same instant continue with your education.

Career Outlook and Duties

The collection of samples and performing of the tests is the work of a medical laboratory technician. The job of medical laboratory technologists is to analyze the samples of urine, blood and tissues. In case of transfusions, the number of cells, the blood group, and the compatibility as cell morphology are taken into account.

Owing to the responsibilities defined, career outlook for a medical technologist holds much potential especially in laboratories, research centers and even forensic science units. In 2011, jobs in this field increased by 1.2 % (BLS).


Medical laboratory technologists are expected to 24/7 in the hospitals as well as in the self-regulating laboratories. Mostly they have to work nonstop standing on their feet in order to get the desired amount of salary. Thus they have to strive hard to feed their families. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests in 2011, the average wage of medical laboratory technologist was over $56,130 per year. On the other hand, medical laboratory technicians earn up to $36,280 on yearly basis.

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