Massage Therapy Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has gained fame for the traditional dairy based products it produces. Believe it or not the state happens to be the leading producer of cheese, and the second leading producer of milk and butter of the United States.

With the recent downturn in the global economy Wisconsin like many other states of nation has tried to encourage efficiency and cost effectiveness in all the sectors including health care. This approach has led to use of alternative medicine for prevention, cure and well being of health rather than traditional mainstream medical care. This is a major cause for the promotion of massage therapy schools in Wisconsin. Such massage therapy colleges as well as schools help develop technical and vocational skills through diplomas, certificates and associates’ degrees in massage therapy. The most comprehensive training in this field is likely to be provided by an associate program through which one learns about assessing health conditions and advising treatments as well as various types of massage as Chinese, sports, stone and Swedish massage. There are also bachelor’s degree program offered by various colleges in Wisconsin to grow more in this area.

One might gain employment with relevant education and training in the two largest health care employers of the state as the Marshfield Clinic and River Woods Urgent Care Center. Each center has around 5,000 specialists of various kinds to serve the huge population of Wisconsin. The median income earned by massage therapists in the state of Wisconsin was $33,800 in 2011. While the national forecast for the employment opportunities of professional massage therapists is projected to improve by 20% by 2020, however, the state projects employment areas to increase by 6% in the coming 6 years. (

With appropriate education massage therapists can decide to open their own massage center with the permission of state authorities by obtaining a license. On the other hand, they also have the choice to join one of the reputed spas or massage therapy centers of the state.

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