Massage Therapy Schools in West Virginia

West Virginia has been on the fore front in the progress of United States of America. With a traditional base of its economy routing out of mineral resources as coal, oil and natural gasses the state of West Virginia became self sufficient in producing electricity. It gradually became a regional exporter of electricity to other states. West Virginia has maintained a progressive school of thought which is why despite producing one tenth of the nation’s coal it has invested in alternative sources of energies as hydro-electricity.

This progressive ideology has also been applied to the well being of the state’s residents which is why alternative modes of health care are being promoted. It has allowed individuals to opt for alternative treatment methods instead of mainstream medicine. This is the reason why massage therapy schools in West Virginia are on the rise. Massage therapy is normally taught by vocational colleges or schools which are considered to be a good option for students interested in joining a specific profession. An associate’s degree in massage therapy allows one to learn about various trigger points that could ease body function, pains and stress.

The top two employers in the state happen to be health care providers, that are, Ruby Day Surgery Center having 6,700 people and Charleston Area Medical Center that has almost 4,200 employees working. Qualified students might join one of these centers or look for spas, massage franchises and centers to begin the practice professionally shortly after attaining a licensure.

In 2011, massage therapists average earnings in in West Virginia were calculated out to be $28,300 on an annual basis. Although the projected nationwide rise in the employment level for massage therapist is 20% till 2020, but for the state of West Virginia it is expected to be only 2% in the next 6 years. (

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