Massage Therapy Schools in Washington

Washington has many successful, innovative and progressive industries that have been developing more with time in the state. Such industries include Microsoft in the software development industry, Starbucks in the franchise sector and Amazon in e-commerce. The state of Virginia due to such enterprises and other big industries happens to be the 14th richest state of United States with the 10th highest per capita income per person.

Being an economically progressive state despite the recent global recession, Washington has taken a long term perspective in facilitating its residents. With this point of view, health care industry has made an investment in both prevention and cure of illness. It has motivated the use of alternative medicine which resulted in the increase of massage therapy schools in Washington. Although one could earn a diploma or certificate in massage therapy but the most comprehensive training in this field is provided through an associate’s degree. Many schools colleges also offer graduate degree programs in massage therapy.

An associate degree allows students to develop an understanding of human anatomy and physiology and with time they are also given training of various massage techniques. It is advisable to gain practical experience under the supervision of licensed professionals. It could pave your way towards several opportunities which you might be able to avail during professional life. Massage therapy centers and spas are the places where these therapists could work.

Providence Health & Services is the largest health care employer with approximately 19,000 employees including massage therapists. The median income calculation of massage therapists in Washington was $54,700 in 2011. There is an expected 31% increase in the number of employment areas for professional massage therapists in the state of Washington in the coming six years which happens to be 11% higher than the national average. (

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