Massage Therapy Schools in Vermont

Vermont might not be among the most famous of American states but they made efforts in directing what this nation is today. Vermont was among the first state to abolish slavery and develop the concept of what public schools are now. Initially, the economy of Vermont was based on the mineral resources found in the region as granite and certain types of marbles. However, this now only constitutes 4% of the economy. Vermont realizes the health care needs of its constituents. This is the main reason why it annually spends almost 10% of its expenditure which is around $2.1 billion on health care.

Vermont has been ranked as the 6th best state for having healthy population in 2010. They have also made inroads in various forms of therapeutic alternative modes of healing. An example of this could be found by the growing number of massage therapy schools in Vermont. In order to join career as a massage therapist it is advisable that one earns an associate degree or a certificate course in this field. With such qualification, required experience as well as licensure, one might be able to join the health care industry and work for employers as Fletcher Allen Health Care which is known to be the largest employer in the state with a work force of 5,000. You could also be a part of this organization or massage therapy centers once you attain the required knowledge. Through this program one learns about the interrelationship between physiology and anatomy of human body.  One is trained by professionals to ease pain and relieve stress of people.

The calculated average income earned by massage therapists in the state was $63,900 in 2011. On a country wide scale there is an expected increase of 20% in the demand of trained massage therapists ( This could be a gratifying profession for those who enjoy helping others.

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