Massage Therapy Schools in Tennessee

Tennessee is the state located in the Southern territory of the United States. It is the 17th most populated state with population of 6,403,353. The state’s economy comprises of textiles and cotton, electrical power, and cattle. Besides that, the international corporations such as AutoZone, International Paper, and FedEx Corporation also play a pivotal role in the economic affairs of the country. There had been a lot of cases where people work for long hours which stress their bodies and eventually make them go to a massage parlor.

If you want to help people with physical pain then join one of the accredited massage therapy schools. These schools or colleges could provide a platform to candidates to know about the field. A massage therapist discovers the contemporary techniques of massage such as the movements focused on the surface muscle layers. For being a therapist, 2-3 years of training is necessary. Those who have friendly and warm personality could easily pursue this career.

Massage therapy includes several specializations such as pregnancy massage, acupuncture, reflexology sports therapy and aromatherapy. Massage therapists could choose to serve in cruise ships, studios, sports medicine, fitness centers, nursing homes, gyms, universities and professional sports locker rooms, hospitals, and airports. They must be familiar with the requirements of clients and must provide them with all the information related to therapy procedures. Massage therapists also meet a number of patients in one day and for this purpose they must maintain the record accordingly.

The minimum educational requirement for being a massage therapist is an accredited associate degree or a certificate course. There are few schools and colleges that are now offering a bachelor’s degree in this discipline. Prior work experience or on the job training is not mandatory for these professionals. As per the figures collected in 2012, the annual median salary for a massage therapist in Tennessee is $33,000 (

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