Massage Therapy Schools in South Carolina

South Carolina is bordered with Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina and Georgia. It is the 40th most extensive state and is located in the Southeastern region of United States. The cities are the major contributors of economic development while education, health, hospitality, trade, manufacturing and agriculture sectors have abundant employment opportunities. Nearly 253,387 jobs are said to be available for practitioners working in health care field.

Among the various fields of medical, massage therapy is considered the most prosperous one. People who work in this field are known as massage therapists. Their job is to locate the painful and tense areas of the body and with the help of vibration, long strokes and circular movements they relieve the pain. If you are interested in an excellent career, then massage therapy schools in South Carolina could help you gain relevant education and training.

Most massage therapists in South Carolina work in offices of physicians, outpatient care centers, ambulatory health care services, personal care services, traveler’s accommodation, nursing care facilities, amusement, recreational industries and offices of health practitioners. They might even join massage franchises where a lot of people prefer to come as they are quite affordable as compared to other areas. The spas are also very common for quality services and different kind of massages like Swedish massage, trigger point massage and sports massage. To get employed, you need an associate degree or a certificate course from an accredited healthcare college, which has complete and comprehensive coursework. With time a bachelor’s degree might also be gained to get a hold of more opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in 2011 that massage therapists held about 710 jobs and their annual pay was $31,100 per year. ( These practitioners are more likely to increase because of the awareness of alternative methods of treatment among people. Massage therapists should get licensed shortly after their studies as people are more comfortable to get therapies done by professionals.

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